Treatment Only & Treatment Only Plus

Treatment Only

We recognise that there are occasions where both parties have identified from existing medico-legal reports that there is some specific medical or equipment provision required but that a full Initial Needs Assessment is not necessary.  This service is invaluable in ensuring treatment is effectively managed, delivered early and is focused on achieving a positive outcome.

Treatment only is a service where we will implement a specific form of treatment such as:- 

  • Physiotherapy - Initial Assessment and up to 12 Sessions.
  • Psychological - Initial Assessment and up to 12 Sessions.
  • Diagnostic Procedure - 1 procedure (i.e. MRI, CT, X-Ray).

We do not provide recommendations on completion of the treatment.  We have access to an extensive UK wide network of treatment providers. 

Please note that should any Treatment Only case require additional involvement from the Treatment Co-ordinator, or become more complex than simply implementing the recommended treatment, we will request from the customer that the case is transferred and handled on a Treatment Only Plus basis (hourly rate).

Treatment Only Plus

This service is offered where the requirements are more complex to organise and where the treatment recommended does not fall within the Treatment Only service listed above.

Examples of cases that would fit into this category would be those identified for:-

  • Surgery.
  • Pain Management.
  • Nerve Conduction Studies.
  • Steroid / Facet Joint Injections.
  • Podiatry.
  • Cases where interpreters are required.

Treatment Only Plus complements our Treatment Only service.  This service will include a lot more support from the Treatment Coordinator/Rehabilitation Manager to ensure the completion of the recommendations made within the report.