What is Rehabilitation?
Put simply it is the name given to the process of assessing the health, wellbeing, care, Frequently Asked Questions Imageemployment and educational needs of an individual following an injury and working with that person to put in place a programme of medical treatment (where appropriate), vocational support advice and guidance aimed at achieving as full and early a recovery and return to normal life as possible.

Who do you represent?
We are an independent health and wellbeing organisation that only provides rehabilitation programmes. We have no involvement in the claim process.

Are you dealing with a claim?
No – We are only concerned with whether you would benefit from our assistance in making the best recovery possible.

Does my Solicitor know about this?
YES – If you have a Solicitor representing you they will have agreed to (or may have requested) our involvement.

Are you the Medical Expert?
NO – We do not provide a Medico Legal Report. Our role is focused on ensuring that you have the fullest possible recovery by co-ordinating treatment or support to help you now.

What happens next?
We will appoint your rehabilitation manager. He or she is a qualified medical professional – a nurse (with medical and/or vocational expertise). He / She will contact you to carry out an initial assessment (by telephone or face to face). Then if you would benefit from rehabilitation he or she will work with you through the rehabilitation process until its conclusion.

At the end of the assessment we will discuss with you our findings and agree with you a plan for your rehabilitation, which will then be sent to your representatives and the funding party.

What is in your report and action plan?
We will advise if you would benefit from any additional help or treatment co-ordinated by us. If so, we will draw up a rehabilitation plan with clear objectives in conjunction with you, e.g. a return to work in X weeks. We will not include any matters relating to your accident circumstances other than to explain the nature of the injury.

Will I see the report and rehabilitation action plan?
YES – If you have made a claim, we are required to send our report to the insurer and your Solicitor at the same time. Your Solicitor will usually forward the report and rehabilitation plan to you.

What is the Rehabilitation Managers role?

  • To be focal point for you throughout the rehabilitation programme – you will have their direct telephone number and email address.
  • The rehabilitation manager will draw up the rehabilitation plan and co-ordinate with your GP or consultant any additional medical treatment and diagnostic investigations.
  • Liaise with your employers to discuss how to get you back into your job, or to help you find alternative duties.

Is this not my GP or consultant’s job?
Your GP or consultant retains primary control of your care however, as we all know sometimes the NHS cannot provide all the services you need. We will work in partnership with your GP or Consultant and agree with them what additional help can be funded by Proclaim Care and when this should come into play.

What about Consent?
We require your consent for an assessment which we take verbally. Written consent is needed to:-

  • Request information from other parties such as your GP and Consultant.
  • To arrange any further assessment or treatment for you.
  • To protect your position under the Data Protection Act (DPA)

What about Data Protection?
We comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and have strict procedures in place to ensure that your personal sensitive data is not disclosed inappropriately. We also adhere to clinical guidelines relating to the handling of medical notes.

Do I have to agree to an assessment by Proclaim Care or to enter a rehabilitation programme?
NO – you cannot be compelled, by us, to take part in an assessment or rehabilitation programme. If you decide not to become involved you will need to let us know. If you have made a claim, you will need to tell your Solicitor who will then need to discuss this with the insurer.

What if my GP or consultant is not happy for me to take part?
If concerns are expressed by your GP or Consultant then we can, subject to your written consent, contact your treating doctors and discuss the options in your case.