CMSUK Celebration & Awards 2018


We are delighted to announce that Proclaim Care had 2 winners at the recent CMSUK Awards Ceremony held in London.

Wendy Hopps was awarded Clinical Case Manager of the Year and Michaela Nisbet, was awarded Case Manager Supporter of the Year.   Congratulations to Wendy and Michaela together with all those nominated as finalists and winners.

Congratulations also to Janet Neville and Anne Byrne of Obair for making it through to the final nominations.

This was a very proud afternoon for Proclaim Care.  There were numerous testimonials for both Wendy and Michaela from solicitors, insurers and clients.   Pictures below of the day together with some of the testimonials received for both Wendy and Michaela.

Pictured below on the left is Wendy Hopps and on the right Michaela Nisbet with their respective Awards.

Wendy Hopps - CMSUK Clinical Case Manager of the year.

CMSUK quoted - Wendy demonstrated what can really be achieved by working within a multidisciplinary approach. One of her clients was not able to access what he needed after a very frustrating process on top of complex multiple injuries prior to the involvement of the Case Manager. By working with all the treating specialists, the results with the client have been so impressive that the treating Spinal Consultant is writing a paper to publish the outcomes of multidisciplinary working to promote the Case Manager's work.

The company she works for provided feedback from a survey on her cases over the period of a year, whereby the clients give their direct feedback. Her score was a remarkable 9.6 out of 10 across her caseload. One client describes her as a real diamond of a woman!

Michaela Nisbet: - CMSUK Case Manager Supporter of the Year.

CMSUK quoted - Michaela has been recognised in several testimonials as going above and beyond her normal day to day work to ensure the clients' and Case Managers' needs are met. One Case Manager described her as being her "right hand" and "trusted implicitly with particularly demanding and complex cases". One of the nominator's insurer customers commented that she is always available to help out with resolving queries at the drop of a hat, with a cheerful and professional approach, ensuring the rehabilitation process runs smoothly.