About Us

Established in 2000, Proclaim Care was started with one rehabilitation manager. Today we are one of the UK’s foremost case management companies with a team of rehabilitation managers and vocational specialists across the country.

We are dedicated to developing and delivering a service that achieves the best outcome for people who have been seriously injured. Proclaim Care has earned a strong reputation for the quality of our service. We deliver cost-effective solutions for insurers and solicitors.

Being independently owned, we hold a unique position In the adversarial world of personal injury: a provider that both insurers AND claimant solicitors are happy to work with. We guard this reputation for independence very carefully. An integral part of our service is getting people back into the workplace after absence through injury. This requires expert assessment and expertise. We deliver this service through Proclaim Vocational Services and have a dedicated team of vocational experts.

In the last decade Proclaim Care and several of our individual rehabilitation managers have won industry awards and we are widely recognised in the rehabilitation, insurance and legal worlds not just as experts in our field, but as a caring company that puts the injured client at the heart of all we do.

In addition to our injury rehabilitation service we provide Absence Management to employers who see the benefits of investing in the care of absent employees in order to secure their earlier return to work. This covers all type of absences and other ancillary health services such as flu vaccinations, wellbeing checks etc

Proclaim Care continues to grow and innovate with new services and a focus on the best evidence based practice.